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10 reasons to choose DeckWright Inserts this spring

By May 18, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

Learn why DeckWright Inserts can quickly resolve your slippery decking problem.

A great anti-slip solution in hindsight

As sales of timber decking continue to rise, more and more people are looking for effective anti-slip solutions retrospectively, when they discover that it can be slippery when wet.

It’s getting wetter

Records show that we have endured four out of the five wettest years on record since 2000. And this rainfall can come during the summer months too. Decking needs to have a secure grip all year round.

The perfect DIY answer for slippery decking

DeckWright Inserts are extremely easy to install in three simple steps. Whilst contractors are choosing them for all types of project, individuals can add a reassuring grip to decking in their garden, installing DeckWright Inserts themselves over the weekend.

Fully tested and approved

Not only have DeckWright Inserts been tested and approved as “highly anti-slip” (PTV 71) by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton in accordance with BS7976: 2002, they have also been DeckMark Plus accredited by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA), recognising their long-lasting quality.

Effective even in the heaviest footfall areas

DeckWright Inserts don’t deteriorate – even when there are plenty of feet walking over them, the bauxite aggregate stays strong and effective. Other solutions don’t offer such reassurance when users are clearly looking for consistent, long-term safety on their timber decking.

Do the job once, properly

Anti-slip solutions such as anti-slip paints and oils need to be re-applied, often deteriorating in effectiveness during the course of the year. With DeckWright Inserts, you install them once, enjoy a five year warranty on the Inserts and expect them to last for the life of your decking.

Anti-slip small or large areas

Some people just want to anti-slip their steps or a walkway, whilst others opt for a much larger area. With DeckWright Inserts, you choose the area and simply buy the amount that you need.

Cut them with standard tools

This is a big issue. Other anti-slip strips can be far more difficult to cut to length, if at all. DeckWright Inserts come in flexible one metre lengths and should you need shorter strips, just snip them easily and carry on.

No waste in the box

Every morsel of DeckWright Inserts purchased can be used. Off-cuts can be neatly butted up together and any join will not be visible.

They look great

Once you’ve chosen an attractive timber deck, you don’t want to detract from its beauty by using rubber anti-slip mats or an unsightly (or soon to be flaking) anti-slip paint. DeckWright Inserts look fantastic and can subtly enhance the look of timber decking.