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6 quick tips to get your garden ready for Winter

By September 20, 2018 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

As we move into Autumn and Winter fast approaches, we’ve devised some tips and tricks to make the most of your garden during the colder months. Winter doesn’t have to be dismal, and your outdoor area can still be beautiful!

1. Clean your tools

Clean your gardening tools and pots with boiling, soapy water. This helps to kill any bacteria that could spread to your plants. Sharpening your utensils will also help with getting jobs done quicker in the cold weather.

2. Plants, plants, plants

Your plants need special attention when things turn cold, so dead-head your plants and clip lawn edges, removing dead foliage as you go. Move your potted plants into a greenhouse or conservatory to keep them warm and protect from harsh conditions, and if it gets too cramped, placing plants next to a wall can help with frost protection.

3. Clear the leaves

Clear all the leaves after the trees are bare. Removing leaves and moss from your lawn with a rake helps to promote growth and allows your grass to breathe.

A thick layer of leaves on your lawn can also encourage disease, pests and prevents airflow and nutrients for the grass to grow. Placing a net over the pond and any water features prevents pipes from clogging with leaves, saving you from the hassle of draining your pond when it gets warmer.

4. Stop the slipping

Get your decking slip-proof and ready to combat those leafy and icy conditions by adding anti-slip inserts. DeckWright anti-slip inserts can be easily fitted yourself, and you can get your hands on a starter kit for £25.

Wet and cold conditions promote mould growth which can become slippery underfoot and dangerous, so going anti-slip is important to prevent nasty injuries.

5. Winter wildlife

Protect the Winter wildlife! Create or buy little shelters for the hedgehogs and place bird feeders at different levels so that smaller animals can also have an extra source of food.

6. Bring back the light

Illuminate your garden at night. With the days getting shorter and natural sunlight running out, invest in some solar charging lights to provide ambient lighting after the sun has gone down.