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6 ways to avoid falls this festive period

By December 15, 2017 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Hospital Episode statistics, thousands of people are injured after slips on snow and ice year on year.

And with households busy with guests, feasts and mountains of wrapping paper, it’s not just outside where a fall can lead to disaster and ruin your festive period.

When it comes to anti-slip solutions, we know our stuff. Here’s our 6 top tips on how to avoid trips this Christmas and New Year.

  1. Don’t slip in your slippers

The dangers of wearing high heels or smart shoes with no grip on icy streets are obvious, but ill-fitting slippers can cause problems too – especially when your only travel plans are repeated trips to the fridge.

One study showed that around a third of falls at home suffered by the over-65s are caused by worn out or wrongly sized slippers.

So although a new pair of slippers can be a useful and thoughtful gift, don’t be tempted by a novelty pair of giant stuffed elf shoes, santa boots or reindeer hoofs for anything else other than keeping your toes warm when sitting safely on the sofa.

  1. Watch out for piles of presents

‘Tis the season for entertaining, and when the time comes for exchanging presents, the host’s home can quickly become an assault course of boxes, bags and more.

It’s therefore a good idea to create some space before the big day to accommodate presents and give guests room to relax danger-free.

Encourage youngsters to leave only a couple of items out that they want to play with, and if you have visitors, prepare some suitable bags in advance ready for them to collect when they leave.

  1. Clear rubbish away

With presents comes plenty of wrapping paper, so although it’s tempting to leave this to accumulate in a corner, try to get rid before it takes over.

Have a bag ready to stuff it all in and store it out of the way until you can take it to the tip. Remember not to leave it all in a pile next to doorways or in hallways either as this simply moves the problem from one area to another.

  1. Light the way

Decorating the house with lights is a traditional part of Christmas, but try not to leave dark areas where falls could occur when trying to keep the atmosphere cosy.

Keep a light on in the hallway or on the stairs if you have guests staying overnight to help prevent stumbles during the night as they search for a light-switch in unfamiliar surroundings.

Moving outside, motion sensor lights in the garden will also help when popping outside to the rubbish bins or bringing in drinks if you’re keeping them cool outside.

  1. Grit paths

It’s easy to forget the outside world even exists when you’re wrapped-up warm inside the house for a few days, but spare a thought for those who are out and about.

You might have an unexpected visitor or two and they will appreciate a safely gritted pathways to the front door – as will your postman or woman.

Make sure you have some grit or salt ready to go when cold weather arrives, and see if your neighbours need help clearing their paths.

  1. Install DeckWright

Decking in the garden is perfect for entertaining and relaxing on and is relatively low-maintenance.

But there is one major drawback – it can become very slippery in wet weather.

Fortunately, this problem can be rectified with DeckWright. The anti-slip inserts can be retrofitted to almost any grooved timber decking, and with a five-year warranty, it will keep you and your loved ones safe for Christmases to come.

You can get DeckWright anti-slip inserts online here, or from one of our stockists.