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8 ways to get creative with an egg hunt in your garden this Easter

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Searching around the garden for sweet treats at Easter is a tradition that all children love. If you’ve got lots of little ones, however, the same hunt every year can get a bit repetitive – you may even run out of hiding places! Here’s a few tips to help you get creative with your activities over the Easter holidays.

Decorate the garden

One way to bring a bit of spring into even the most basic gardens is with a little Easter-themed decoration. There are lots of different ways to prepare your garden for the season, whether you’re a minimalist or like going all out. Even if you’re not planning an egg hunt, Easter decorations can you make your garden feel fresh and joyful at this time of year. You could try something as simple as a garland tied across the fence or between two trees. For example, this customisable one from Etsy.

If you have a little more time, try creating your own Easter baubles for trees in the garden. Take inspiration from this blog post and get painting. It’s also a great way to keep kids busy during the holidays.

An Easter egg hunt kit

The cornerstone to a successful Easter Egg Hunt is providing lots of creative clues for children to follow for a delicious or fun treat.

Not only will easy-to-follow hints and clues keep children entertained – they can be educational too. Use the opportunity to teach little ones about the garden, including the names of plants or wildlife they might find in spring.

If you don’t have the time to create clues from scratch, you can find lots of packs online – including these reusable wooden ones – that will take less than five minutes to set up.

Easter Bunny paw prints

Another simple but effective (and super cheap) way to decorate the garden this Easter is by creating an Easter Bunny trail.

Let out your inner-graffiti artist and use a stencil and some washable, environmentally friendly chalk spray like this one to create bunny paw prints. Arrange the prints in a trail leading up to a stash of treats left by the Easter Bunny.

Find lots of inspiration here.

Balloon popping hunt

If you need a way to entertain lots of energetic children over Easter, they’ll love a balloon popping Easter egg hunt. Plus, it’s another cheap way to spice up an Easter egg hunt.

For four children, take a few balloons in four different colours. For each set of coloured balloons, write some clues that will lead to the location of an Easter egg. Put the clues inside the balloons, blow them up and hide them, then assign each child a colour and let them get popping!

Credit: Oh It’s Perfect

Easter egg piñata

If you’re feeling creative, and you’re not into the traditional egg hunt, an Easter piñata is colourful idea, perfect for a party with lots of lively children.

Take inspiration from this blog post by Oh Happy Day and create a few Easter egg piñatas. The post uses little balloons for individual piñatas, but you could create a bigger one for children to share.

Fill them up with chocolate eggs and confetti, hang from a big tree in your garden and let little ones crack them open.

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Credit: Oh Happy Day