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A Grand showcase for DeckWright Inserts

By October 27, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

“With an attendance of 60,000 people over five days, Grand Designs Live (19-23 October) was an excellent destination to gain some invaluable feedback about anti-slip decking and to build the awareness of DeckWright Inserts. I should know, I was there for every one of those five days!

From a small stand, strategically located opposite Kevin McCloud’s theatre, we spoke to a simply enormous number of people about DeckWright and the issue of slippery decking. House builders, renovators, all manner of suppliers and enthusiastic DIYers – they were all there with much to say.

It’s clear that everyone knows about the risk of slippery decking – it’s a worry for many; whether they have timber decking already or are planning to make use of it in a new project. What people don’t know about sufficiently is the solution to this very common problem. And that is where we all come in.

WJ Group is committed to building the awareness and understanding of the DeckWright Anti-Slip brand. We will do this with further activities such as the example of Grand Designs Live in addition to helping our stockists of DeckWright in every way possible.

You might be stocking DeckWright in your business and not be clear on the benefits to communicate – both to your team in addition to your customers. You might not have appreciated the added value potential to your business that this brand offers. Perhaps you could do with some more samples, or a particular format of sales literature?We want to help you get behind our DeckWright brand as from what we have experienced after a busy five days at Grand Designs Live, there’s tremendous interest in anti-slip decking and the desire to find it more easily in store – in your store if you want that to be the case.

We’re busy planning some refreshed sales literature for our stockists of DeckWright. In the meantime, please just get in touch if we can help you to understand or communicate the brand more effectively. We’d love to help you benefit from the growing demand to add grip to timber decking.”

Mark Eggleston, MD, WJ Group