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Brent Scaffold Boards: insight to a growing market

By June 1, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

A family run Yorkshire business, established 20 years ago, WJ Group has worked closely with Brent Scaffold Boards for many years, fire retardant treating scaffold board timber with Wolmanit Firestop.

Business is on the up at Brent Scaffold Boards, as the construction industry develops once more and demand for scaffold boards remains very strong. We caught up with Ollie Appleby to hear more about the growing market and how WJ Group helps to support their expansion.

On the up and up again

“Business was certainly very difficult in the recession. With scaffold boards, we’re always first to feel a decline and thankfully, first to feel a recovery too. Now that construction is growing again in many areas, business is booming once more. People are talking up the construction market and there is clearly a need for many more houses to be built including high targets for affordable housing.

Interestingly, there is a slight lull in business right at the moment, due to the referendum. This also happens before elections. Businesses are holding off to see which way we go. Then everything will carry on again. The work is certainly there to be done.”

Leading the pack

“Brent Scaffold Boards leads the market for scaffold boards and we’re a specialist in this area. We might not always be the cheapest but as a family business (my Dad having worked here for 40 years), we pride ourselves on our service and quality levels. This in turn means that we need to work with good suppliers and for fire retardant treatment, WJ Group is certainly such a supplier. With the capability to scale up as required, WJ Group was instrumental in helping us to fulfil a 90,000 board order to Kazakhstan recently.”

When fire retardant timber treatment is required

“Whilst there is not a legal requirement or standard to use fire retardant scaffold boards at the moment, businesses such as North Sea oil rigs and power stations will always specify this treatment. This constitutes about 30% of our business. Fire can be a very real risk in construction and these types of operation take it very seriously indeed. The other 70% of our business relates to general construction sites and as they are not yet compelled to specify fire retardant treatment, they don’t.”

WJ Group support

“It’s important to work with suppliers that deliver and with WJ Group, we have a solid relationship that adds strength to our own business. Their turnaround is quick, treatment reliable and they can cope with a short term spike in capacity if required.”

Looking ahead

“We’re very positive about the future for Brent Scaffold Boards. High levels of construction are set to continue, whether it’s nuclear power stations, hospitals, schools or housing. Offering a personable service to our customers and great working relationships, we’re a slim-line company that can react quickly to demand and deliver promptly. This of course requires some reliable suppliers behind us, such as WJ Group and we look forward to working closely with them as we continue to grow our family business.”