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Caring for your timber decking

By October 29, 2015 June 12th, 2019 No Comments

There is no denying that our typical British weather is highly unpredictable, whatever the month or season. But don’t let this deter you from enjoying your timber decking all year round. With a little bit of care and attention you can enjoy an attractive and safe outdoor space, even if you are wearing a raincoat or two jumpers!

Keep it clean
To maximise the life of your timber deck, take a little time to keep it clean and free from debris. This doesn’t just make it look better, it prevents any build up which might deteriorate the timber or cause a potential slipping hazard.

In most instances, a stiff brush will do the job. Remove fallen leaves and any other debris and moss as often as you like to – just a ten minute brush from time to time will make a world of difference to the appearance and the life of your beloved timber decking. Take this time also to check for any damage or deterioration of the decking, offering you an early warning should any repairs be necessary.

Taking it one step further, you might opt to give it a more thorough clean with a pressure washer if things have got that bad. If you brush regularly, this will hardly be necessary – but it might be a good first step if you inherit some neglected timber decking for example.

Keep it safe
It’s a fact that timber decking can become slippery when it is wet or dirty. This can pose as a risk for young children running around on the surface or elderly people that are perhaps less steady on their feet. However, a slippery timber deck can quite literally trip anyone up!

One option is to opt for anti-slip decking when you install your decking. This is a robust and professional solution that is designed to last for the life of the decking. DeckWright Anti-Slip is a fully tested and approved non-slip decking solution that places a specially formulated resin and aggregate mixture into the grooves, leaving this grippy surface just slightly proud of the board.

Of course, you might already have timber decking installed or you might purchase a house that enjoys a timber deck. In this instance, using a retrofitted product such as DeckWright Inserts offers the exact same safety solution to an all-too-common problem.

If you need convincing of the safety benefits that anti-slip decking provides, watch our short video and see the difference for yourself.

Keep it looking good
Timber is a natural product and the sun and outdoor environment will obviously affect its appearance over time. Whilst some enjoy the weathering of their timber decking, others prefer to maintain the appearance to their liking, using an oil or stain on an annual basis.

If your decking was correctly preservative treated prior to installation, such treatments are not necessary for the longevity of the boards and so it becomes a personal matter, ensuring that your timber decking remains just how you want it.

We hope that this information helps you to enjoy your decking throughout the year and for years to come. There is no doubt that timber decking is a fantastic outdoor surface to choose and given sufficient care, can serve you for many years to come.