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WJ Deckwright

CASE STUDY: DeckWright Anti-Slip to the rescue!

By August 28, 2014 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

Tony Platts had an all too common problem, unsatisfactory timber decking in his garden that was slippery when wet and quite honestly needed replacing. Having warped in places, the rain had collected and started to rot the support timbers in places. He’d heard about DeckWright Anti-Slip and asked his builder to get in touch with WJ to find out more.

The project was a modest raised decking area with steps to one side. As there is no minimum order requirement, WJ could happily supply Tony’s building team with the quantity of DeckWright Anti-Slip required to undertake the job.

Commenting on the project, Tony said: “My builders had not used DeckWright Anti-Slip before and were really impressed with how straight forward it was to use, easily cutting it with an electric saw. We’d had several slips on my old decking so I really wanted to comprehensively improve the surface so that it was safer for everyone.

To say that we are delighted with the result is an understatement. Friends have commented on how good the finish is and we feel much more secure walking on it in all conditions now. We’ve had a couple of downpours since it was laid and the rain ran off in the desired direction – it was very quick to dry out too. We’d certainly recommend DeckWright Anti-Slip to others, as would our builders. It offers value for money given that the result is a top quality finish that is robust and secure”.