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DeckWright can anti-slip composite decking

By August 18, 2015 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

Recent projects have demonstrated just how effective DeckWright Anti-Slip can be on grooved composite decking, resulting in a widening appeal for the anti-slip decking product that until now has been the focus of timber decking.

When wet or dirty, composite decking can in fact be quite slippery and this can be quickly resolved with an anti-slip property added; we’re proving it time and again.

Mark Eggleston, WJ Group MD says: “We have an ever increasing list of satisfied customers that have used DeckWright Anti-Slip on grooved timber decking and so it’s great to be able to offer this anti-slip decking service to providers of composite decking too. Slipping on damp decking is a big concern for many businesses and organisations so it’s rewarding to offer a professional solution that can reduce the risk.

Businesses that choose to use composite decking can find that, whilst it might offer some benefits over timber decking, it still gets slippery and so the risk remains unless it is enhanced with an anti-slip decking solution such as DeckWright. Caravans parks and other leisure businesses particularly favour composite decking due to its low maintenance and this development with DeckWright will be extremely useful to them.”

Made in the UK by WJ Group, DeckWright Anti-Slip is a unique formulation of resin and aggregate that is placed into the grooves of decking to provide a robust and long lasting non-slip property. Fully tested and approved for commercial and domestic use, many merchants and timber businesses are supplying DeckWright Anti-Slip decking to their customers as an added value and safer type of decking.

Further further information about out anti slip decking products, please visit the DeckWright section of our website.