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DeckWright Inserts go straight

By September 8, 2015 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

Proven to successfully add grip to timber decking, we’ve re-launched our DeckWright Inserts kit in a new, simpler, straight format – ready to retrospectively fit to previously laid decking.

Timber decking can be lethal when wet and many people do not realise this until after they have fitted standard decking with no anti-slip property. That’s where our DeckWright Inserts come to the rescue and now that they are supplied in handy one metre straights, they’re easier than ever to install.

A 25 metre kit includes 25 x one metre lengths plus a tube of specially formulated adhesive to fix the Inserts into the decking grooves. Easy to cut to length using standard tools, nothing could be simpler and the result is a professional anti-slip decking product that is robust, effective and long lasting.

Mark Eggleston, WJ Group MD says: “Many businesses and individuals fit decking without considering the risk of slipping if it is wet. Only when they experience this problem do they understand it. DeckWright Inserts allow for an anti-slip decking enhancement to be added, after the decking has been laid. Whether on steps, walkways or entire decking areas, there is no need to slip on damp decking anymore.”

In addition to the re-launch of our 25 metre kit, we’ve re-developed our merchandising display, which is now available as a competitively priced package. Complete with LCD video screen, “how-to” cards and a finished sample of non-slip decking using DeckWright Inserts, please contact us if you require pricing or further information.

Our merchandising stand has proved most effective for merchants and other retailers that wish to work with a prominent display of DeckWright Inserts that can in fact do much of the selling for itself.

DeckWright is fully tested and approved as a highly anti-slip decking product, suitable for heavy commercial traffic in addition to residential projects.

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