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External merchandising for DeckWright Inserts

By February 22, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

February sees the introduction of an external merchandising stand for DeckWright Inserts – ideal for merchants and retailers that wish to display this anti-slip decking product outside, next to a timber decking display.

The stand is of course, made from treated timber and will withstand the weather, come rain or shine. We can now shrink wrap the kits in clear film if desired, ensuring that an external display enjoys the same impact from the attention grabbing black and orange boxes, without fear of moisture damaging them.

Many shoppers and businesses do not consider the risk of slippery decking until they are faced with it. Many are not aware that a professional and reliable anti-slip decking solution exists – even after the decking has been laid. By prominently displaying DeckWright Inserts in your store, you can benefit from the additional sales that this can bring; from those that already have timber decking installed in addition to those purchasing brand new decking that requires an anti-slip property.

With the key purchasing season for timber decking looming fast, please do talk to us about our internal and external merchandising stands for DeckWright Inserts – an ingenious, retrospectively fitted product that quite simply, adds a reassuring grip to grooved timber decking. These bespoke created stands are designed to work hard for you and help to maximize your sales of DeckWright Inserts.

For more information about DeckWright Anti-Slip, please visit our brand website at www.deckwright.co.uk or call us on 01482 338950.