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Gardening for the soul

By May 3, 2019 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

National Gardening Week is back for 2019, encouraging people across the country to share their passion for plants and inspire the next generation of gardeners to experience the joy of growing and visiting beautiful green spaces.

Created to raise awareness of the difference that spending time in the garden can make to a person’s life, gardening is incredibly beneficial to our mental health. Studies conducted around the world have found time and time again that gardening is a great way to improve both our physical and mental health.

Here at DeckWright, we’ve had a look into the ways that spending time in the garden has a beneficial impact on our health, and what we can do to make the most of our gardens at home.

Gardening can boost self-esteem

For people with low confidence, gardening is a great way to help boost self-esteem. Having something to look after gives a real sense of responsibility – whether it’s keeping your own vegetable patch or tending to a smaller flower bed. In turn, seeing the results from your hard work helps to build confidence. Being in your own garden also means you can work at your own pace and to your own rules.

A quiet place to spend time alone

Getting out in the garden can be perfect for getting some much-needed alone time. Spending time alone whilst gardening gives you time to gather your thoughts and think over any problems in life.

You don’t even need to garden, why not create your own space to read, lay out in the sun or take in your surroundings? Build your own decking area with a patio set as a private sanctuary for when you need time away from the world. DeckWright Anti-Slip Inserts can also help when it comes to creating a risk-free, safe environment.

sitting on the patio

Time to relax

Spending time in your garden can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic – taking time out from your busy schedule to get some fresh air really helps to relax the mind and forget about any worries you’ve been carrying around during the day. Listen to the birds, take in the scenery, and feel the sunshine on your face – by the time you get back indoors you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Connecting to nature is a natural stress reliever. A study by researchers in 2010 even found that spending time in the garden is more effective at eliminating stress than taking time out to read!

Feeling in control

For people that may feel like they have lost control either at work or in their personal lives, gardening can really help to bring back a sense of organisation. Being able to make decisions about how a garden looks, which flowers to plant, and other smaller decisions can help a person to feel better in one aspect of their lives, which in turn can help to bring back a sense of control in other areas.

planting in the garden

Working in nature releases happy hormones

As well as being great for fitness, three or four hours in the garden actually releases the same endorphins as three or four hours of exercise – leaving you feeling relaxed and satisfied. In this way, gardening can be as beneficial for mental health as a run or gym session.

Spending time in the garden also creates a sense of peace, and helps improve sleep quality, leaving us feeling refreshed and renewed.

A place to vent anger and aggression

Rather than keeping our anger inside, getting out in the garden is a great way to relieve any aggression or frustration we may be feeling. Believe it or not, giving your topsoil a good turn over can be as beneficial as attacking a punch bag!

So next time you’ve had a bad day at the office, rather than keeping it all inside, simply put on your gardening boots and vent your anger outside.

shovelling soil