Health, Safety, Environment & Quality


WJ operates in an environmentally sensitive manner in all of its operations.  We are committed to respecting the environment by using renewable materials and continually innovating to improve resource and efficiency.  We source our timber from supply partners who conduct sustainable forest management practises and we intend to operate the UK’s most environmentally friendly timber treatment facilities.  These values drive the choices and actions we take throughout the organisation and we believe our commitment to sustainable development will allow us to ensure our operations don’t impact negatively on the environment.

Health & Safety

At WJ we believe that injuries and occupational illnesses in the workplace are preventable.  The health and welfare of our employees is our primary responsibility and we are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone that comes on to our sites.

The company strives for continual improvement and recognises the importance of employee education to ensure best practices are fostered.  The company has made significant improvements in its safety culture and will continue to regard it as its primary obligation.


WJ is proud to hold its ISO 9001 accreditation and through this, operates a quality control management system, which supports the company’s operations to consistently deliver quality products and meet our customer’s requirements.  The company also operates in line with the WPA (Wood Protection Association) Benchmark Quality Schemes.  These schemes independently verify the quality of our preservatives and fire retardant chemicals and the treatment process we perform.