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Helping Hull homeless initiative launch new café

By November 14, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

The phrase “every little helps” is extremely relevant when it comes to supporting important charities – something that might seem insignificant to one person can make a great difference to others.

Our operations manager, John Cook, told us about a small Hull initiative that was proactively helping the homeless – some of his family were practically involved. Project Hotdog launched in March 2016 when Carl Simpson spent just £5 on hotdogs to feed 40 people. With further volunteers enlisted, the group now runs an outdoor soup kitchen in Hull evening Monday and Saturday.

But Carl’s vision was to do more. Not just wanting to support the situation as it stands, Carl wanted to try and make things better where he could. He wanted to create opportunities for homeless people to get back into work and have a sustainable roof over their heads. And so he secured an ex-wine bar as the location for a new café to be created. This café would be run by two homeless people, who would benefit from accommodation in addition to a regular income. This would be the beginning of Carl’s true vision.

With Project Hotdog receiving help from a handful of local businesses, WJ Group was delighted to construct all the dining tables for the new café, using metal components and timber boards. We also supplied pier frames and timber work for the kitchen. Further materials and practical help were given by other businesses and the team of two have been fully trained to run the small business themselves.

Hot Doggers café ready for business

Soon to open on Springbank in Hull, Hot Doggers café has so far proved to be an inspirational project and Carl is already on the look-out for a second such venture. He says: “It’s amazing what a big difference small efforts can make. By giving some of the homeless in Hull the chance to break out of the cycle and get back into work, we are working to solve this most important issue and not just offer short term relief. The help from WJ Group was much appreciated and I’d urge other local businesses to consider how they might be able to help the project in a small way.”

You can support Project Hotdog by visiting:  www.gofundme.com/projecthotdoghomelesssupport