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Here’s how easy it is to install DeckWright anti-slip inserts

By November 23, 2017 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

Are you worried about yourself or others slipping on your outdoor decking? As we head deeper into winter and conditions underfoot get more treacherous underfoot with falling leaves, rain and ice, it’s time to give your deck boards some extra grip.

Fully tested and approved by the Health and Safety Laboratory, DeckWright anti-slip inserts are up to the challenge, and they’re super easy to quickly install yourself without the need for specialist tools.

Once you’ve worked out how many non-slip decking inserts you need (if not, find a handy guide here) and chosen your preferred colour – Granite Grey, Pillar Box Red, Bright Yellow or Cobalt Blue – you can get yourself set-up in 5 simple steps.

  1. Check your anti-slip inserts are below 18 Degrees Celsius.
  2. Next, make sure your timber or composite decking is dry to touch, and clear off any debris or dirt with a brush or pressure washer if needed.
  3. Trim your inserts to your desired length (you’ll be supplied them in one metre lengths). A standard garden tool such as a pair of pliers will do the job.
  4. Now you can install your inserts. Decide on the grooves in your decking that you want to fix the non-slip inserts to, apply a small bead of your supplied DeckWright adhesive into a groove, then press the insert into the groove and hold for a minute.
  5. Once you’re all done, step away and leave your work to dry for around 3 hours for best results.

And that’s it, you’re now free to enjoy your non-slip decking whatever the weather.

If you haven’t made your decision yet and you’d like to try DeckWright out, you can contact us for a free sample which we’ll send out to you in the post. Call 01482 338 950 or email info@deckwright.co.uk.