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How many anti slip decking inserts do I need?

By March 24, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

Careful measuring ensures you have sufficient anti-slip decking inserts.

So you’ve decided to install DeckWright Inserts to create your anti-slip decking. We know that it can be a little confusing to determine how much you will need, so here are a few thoughts to help you.

What’s in the kit?

Firstly, it’s worth being clear on what you will find in a kit of DeckWright Inserts. Each box contains 25 linear metres of DeckWright Inserts – cut to one-metre lengths, plus a tube of DeckWright Adhesive that supplies sufficient to install all 25 metres comfortably.

Our anti slip decking inserts can be cut to length easily with standard tools and so if one-metre lengths don’t suit your project – no problem, just cut to the desired length and any off-cuts can be used by butting them up together. No waste!

What’s the nature of your anti slip decking project?

DeckWright Inserts can be used for all manner of projects. You might simply wish to anti-slip some steps, or perhaps a long walkway. Alternatively, you might have a much larger area to anti-slip. Be clear on your area of focus.

Take a look at your deck boards

Next, look at the deck boards in that area. There are many different sizes and different groove profiles. For a standard profile, we would generally recommend installing DeckWright Inserts into two grooves along each board. This assures you of a safer grip, whatever the size of foot and however you walk on the board.

Get your tape measure out!

So now, it is simply a case of measuring up. Here’s the order that we would do this in:

  1. Determine the area to be anti-slipped
  2. Measure the linear metres of the deck boards included in this area (so if a step is made from two deck boards that are one metre in length, that would be two linear metres)
  3. Multiply the linear metres by two if you wish to place two anti-slip decking inserts in each board
  4. The total is the total number of metres that you require to complete your project
Here’s an example

I have a walkway that I wish to add anti-slip decking inserts to. It is half a metre wide (50cm) and 20 deck boards are covering the area.

20 x 0.5 = 10

I then multiply this by two as I want two inserts per board:

10 x 2 = 20 linear metres required

I can buy one DeckWright Inserts kit (including 25 metres) and cut each insert in half with standard tools. I’ll be left with five spare inserts, should I find another slippery spot on my decking.

Need a lot of DeckWright Inserts?

If you have a much larger project that you wish to use DeckWright Inserts for, please get in touch as bulk boxes are available and we can point you towards one of our stockists in order to get what you need.

A professional and long-lasting solution to slippery decking, our anti-slip decking inserts are fully tested and approved in addition to being DeckMark Plus accredited. If you need any further help, please do get in touch.