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How to clean decking

By April 6, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

Tips and advice on how to clean decking as the warmer weather approaches.

As you enjoy the new spring weather, you might choose to clean up your timber deck; perhaps even deciding to enhance it with DeckWright Inserts for added grip. Here’s a helpful discussion on how to clean decking yourself, making the most of your outdoor space over the summer months

Know what you’re dealing with

It’s important to try and understand if your decking was constructed from pressure treated timber. If this is the case, you don’t need to consider any further preservative treatment and any coatings or finishes are an optional extra, to give you the look at you want. DeckWright Inserts can be fixed to deck boards that have been previously coated or stained, whereas other anti-slip treatments might struggle.

Get brushing!

First of all you need to thoroughly brush your timber deck with a stiff, synthetic brush to remove as much debris, moss and algae as possible. You might need different sizes of brush to ensure you reach any awkward corners. In fact to optimise how to clean decking, you should be brushing your boards like this at least twice a year, making the spring clean much easier.

You might choose to opt for a scraper at this point too, depending on what there is to remove.

Apply a cleaner

A wide variety of decking cleaners exist, ranging from simple detergents to much harsher bleaches. Which you choose depends on what state your decking is in and your attitude to such cleaning solutions. Each option should offer you clear guidance and instructions on use.

If your timber deck is particularly dirty, it is likely that you will scrub the cleaner all over it in order to loosen the grime and clean the wood.

Get rinsing

A simple hose pipe can achieve this, with a spray nozzle attached. Systematically work across the boards and remove all of the cleaning solution.

Leave to dry

Now sit back and leave it to dry for a while. If you are going to install DeckWright Inserts, your decking does not need to be bone dry as the adhesive reacts positively to moisture. However, it should not be dripping wet.

If you wish to coat your decking with a stain or other finish, ensure that it is entirely dry before you do so and read the product instructions carefully.

Should I use a pressure washer?

On a discussion about how to clean decking, it would not be complete without mentioning pressure washers. Many people opt to clean their decking with a pressure washer. It can certainly be quicker and easier in many ways, but it can also affect the timber and make it rough. We’d recommend only using a pressure washer to clean your deck if you are experienced at using one – there are plenty of tradesmen and companies that will come and do it for you if you prefer.

We hope that this has given you a clear understanding about how to clean decking. If you have any questions about this, or preparing your decking prior to installing DeckWright Inserts, please get in touch.