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How to host the perfect World Cup party

By June 8, 2018 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

For football fans, the arrival of this year’s World Cup is a great excuse to enjoy even more of the beautiful game.

But for football-phobics, the endless coverage, disruption to TV schedules and general hype is enough to make them want to book a trip to a desert island for the duration of the four-week contest.

Here at DeckWright, however, we’re here to help you enjoy the spectacle with a few ideas on hosting the perfect World Cup party.

Love it, or hate it, it will be hard to escape so as anti-slip specialists, we’ve put together our top tips on getting a grip of a football-themed gathering this summer.

1. Get a wall chart

There are a lot of matches in the World Cup – more than 50 in the group stages alone – so the first decision you have to make is when to host your party. The final itself on Sunday, 15th July is the obvious pick, but don’t rule out the earlier games, especially if you want to guarantee your gathering will coincide with a favourite team.

A wall chart will also help you keep track of results, who’s in and who’s out, and is a fun way to get excited about the competition.

2. Make a prediction

Supporting a team is all part of the fun of the World Cup and everyone backing a side will be hoping they win. But if you’re a neutral or not such a keen football supporter you can encourage a sense of involvement by asking everyone to guess the final score.

You could also run a sweepstake for your guests on everything from the first scorer to the number of corner kicks. Arrange a prize for the winner as an added incentive.

3. Show off your skills

If the weather is warm enough to host a BBQ for your World Cup party, make the most of being outdoors with a penalty shoot-out. Nominate a goalie and get everyone to have a go with prizes for the best goals, style and celebrations.

If you have the time and space, organise a keepie-uppie competition for the nimbler footed of your guests.

English weather is famously unpredictable, especially during summer. If you are heading outdoors for some football fun, make sure to keep your decking safe for guests with Deckwright Anti-slip Inserts.

4. Create a stadium-worthy atmosphere

Getting creative with some football themed decorations can help get everyone in the party mood. Use artificial grass as a table cover, add table football figures or stickers as decorations and make flags of the competing nations to hang around the house.

Why not ask you guests to wear the colours of their favourite team too?

5. Be inspired by the culture

The World Cup is about much more than football. It’s a chance to celebrate different cultures, not least the host country, Russia. So instead of following a football theme, your party could be based on one of the countries taking part. Arrange the food to match the occasion and decorate accordingly.

You could even organise entertainment to match your event. Cossack dancing competition, anyone?