I-Beam & Floor Joists

Our timber engineered I-beams are manufactured to the customer’s precise specifications using veneer lumber flanges, bonded to high-quality OSB with a polyurethane resin. Our unique fully bonded I-beam design ensures there are no requirements for staples or nails and all joins are water-resistant, protecting the integrity of the finished product. Its composition makes for the perfect solution in structural leisure home roof design and they can be notched to suit any type of window or door pattern.

We also design and manufacture timber floor joist systems for the leisure home sector, offering stability and a level of strength in which to build caravans and mobile homes.  We offer bespoke arrangements to suit individual models and ensure squeaking and vibrations are minimised in the design and construction phases.

When designing I-beams and floor joists we always endeavour to engineer our products to ensure insulation or ventilation is taken into account.  As a result, we have assisted customers in providing more cost-efficient leisure homes.

Customers also have the choice to apply preservative timber treatments in accordance with British Standard BS 8417 to a range of Use Class systems. (See Preservative Treatments)