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Jacksons Top 10 Uses for Timber Decks: Guest Post

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Timber decks are now a popular feature in UK gardens but have in fact been around for well over 50 years, offering a solid outdoor space that mirrors the convenience of an interior setting, whilst at the same time injecting a dash of designer style.

One of the greatest appeals of timber decks lies in its ability to immediately transform a space in a matter of days, providing a dedicated area where home owners can entertain, play or simply relax by extending their outdoor living accommodation.

If you are considering adding a stunning timber deck to your garden landscape, here’s our run down of some of the ways in which you can introduce deck appeal into the outside room:

  1. Swimming Pool Surround

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool in the garden, a timber deck surround and supporting balustrade will provide a natural enclosure for the pool as well as a safe surface to walk on with wet feet. (Do not forget to consider anti-slip decking!)

  1. Hot Tub Surround

Hot tubs have become the cost effective alternative to a pool. Timber decks can be used to clad the actual hot tub itself, whilst also delivering a warm and natural non-slip surface to enter / exit the hot tub. Just like with pools, we would recommend an anti-slip decking. The essential purpose of anti-slip decking is to add an enhancement to timber decking that will ensure there is significantly more grip in all conditions and circumstances.

  1. Year Round Play Area for Kids

When winter weather sets in but the kids still need to get their outdoor play fix, a deck can prove a godsend to parents, providing a safe outdoor play zone with the added benefit of no muddy shoes!

  1. Outdoor Dining Room / Entertainment Zone

A sleek timber deck enables the ultimate outdoor dining experience. As well as offering a beautiful socialising environment, on a practical level, think of the added benefit of no more wobbly tables or chairs. By adding a garden shelter, like The Curve, you can extend the use of your garden, even when the British weather does not permit!

  1. Raised Garden Feature / Seating Area

Timber decks are not always sited immediately next to the house to deliver the much sought after seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. Sometimes a deck can provide an attractive feature in another part of the garden, offering a raised platform from which to survey the garden and enjoy the outside scenery.

  1. Dedicated Pathways

Decking boards and balustrade can be used to create an impressive and dramatic walkway to join the house to the garden.

  1. Wheelchair Friendly Access Route

Decking boards can be used effectively to design a wheelchair-friendly outdoor space. Timber decked pathways will enable easy wheelchair access.

  1. Surround for a Water Feature / Carp Pool

Just as a picture frame will complete a work of art, so too can a timber deck frame provide the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor feature such as a striking carp pool.

  1. Landscaping Feature

Decking can be the perfect solution to solve the issues associated with sloping sites or to create an eye-catching terraced garden.

  1. School Outdoor Classroom

Technically unlikely to be in your own garden but an increasing number of schools are turning to the installation of a timber deck to create a year round ‘outdoor classroom’. Teamed up with a shelter, like The Zone, it will further enhance usage opportunities.

As with any garden feature, timber decks should be regularly checked to ensure it is still in good working order. Attention should be paid to the tightness of any bolts, the overall condition of the timber, the build up of algae, (which can cause a serious safety issue) and general wear and tear. All Jacksons decks feature galvanised bolts to deliver an extra long life and the Jakcured timber boards are guaranteed for 25 years against rot and insect attack (for more information on the Jacksons guarantee visit www.jacksons-fencing.co.uk/Guarantees).

Keep the deck surface clean by regular brushing to remove dirt, algae and dead leaves, which could make the deck slippery in the wet. It is also an idea to give timber decks a more thorough clean at least once a year with a gentle power wash.

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