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Merchandising stand for DeckWright Inserts

By November 4, 2014 October 29th, 2019 No Comments

We are launching a newly developed merchandising stand for DeckWright inserts which includes a promotional video to do the shop floor selling for you!

Introduced earlier this year, DeckWright Inserts fix to grooved timber decking that has already been laid, providing that all important anti-slip property in a robust and long lasting way. Developed to accommodate heavy traffic areas, DeckWright Inserts are easy to fix and cut to size on site, with a life expectancy that is as long as the decking.

Given free when you purchase a qualifying amount of stock, the rigid card stand is approximately half a square metre, taking up the minimum amount of floor space. Visible and branded from all angles, promotional cards explain the product and how to fit it whilst a 90 second video loops on an integrated LCD screen, visually demonstrating how to fit DeckWright Inserts to your timber decking.

The new stand will have a positive impact on sales as the unique product is constantly and clearly explained to your customers, helping them to make their buying decision.

A huge number of individuals and organisations possess the challenge of owning decking that becomes slippery when wet and so the demand for a solution like DeckWright Inserts is high. You can now cash in on this potential and allow our merchandising stand to demand attention from your customers and communicate the benefits of choosing DeckWright Inserts.

If you would like a price list and full details of our merchandising package for DeckWright Inserts, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.