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New regulations affect timber labelling

By September 19, 2013 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

A new EU Biocidal Regulation has sneaked into force from 1st September 2013 and as it has not been readily reported, we thought that we would make you aware of it.

Whilst further clarification is still being officially sought, the new regulation highlights that the end user of treated timber needs to have access to information that details the active ingredients used to treat it.

The legislation goes on to say that the responsibility for labelling treated timber with this information lies with the business that is placing the treated timber onto the retail or wholesale market for the first time – in layman’s terms, that is generally the timber merchant.

At WJ, we are now providing the technical information required for this labelling on our website, to allow our customers to easily comply with this new legislation. We will also include the necessary (and rather lengthy) information on our pack labels, however we appreciate that these are generally broken down to be sold on.

You can view downloadable pdfs of our technical information on the following page:

We hope that this explanation has been helpful to you and if we can help you any further with this requirement please just give us a call.