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Non slip decking boards – how to weather-proof your decking

By October 20, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

As the summer becomes a recent memory and autumn settles in, we can start to expect some wetter weather once more, coupled with no shortage of falling leaves blowing around. For many, this will become the end to regular use of their decking area until the spring months. With slips far more likely on damp decking, avoidance of the problem can seem like the best solution.

But what a shame! You invest in a beautiful timber decking area for your garden or outdoor space and only use it fully for part of the year. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Enjoy your outdoor space for 12 months a year

Choosing non slip decking boards from the start can really prove to be excellent value and ensure that you enjoy maximum use of your outdoor space throughout the year. We are increasingly creating such spaces as additional “rooms” for our home; colour coordinating furnishings whilst enjoying fire pits and chimineas for outdoor warmth. Just picture being wrapped up outside on a cool autumn evening with the fire pit delivering never-ending warmth, glass of something nice in hand. The completion of this cosy picture needs a safe surface to walk on.

Whichever way you walk on them, non slip decking boards ensure that you have sufficient grip to avoid slipping – even when they are damp. The resin and aggregate formulation firmly sits just proud of the timber deck, making use of the grooves within the timber.

With colour-coordination in mind, these non slip boards can be created in a colour to suit your design should you wish. Whether your accent colour is blue, red or green for example, there is a coloured aggregate available to enhance your decking. Alternatively, stick to granite colouring for a subtle, yet stylish look.

Ease of installing DeckWright non slip decking boards

Where time is money, it’s important that anti slip decking boards are not difficult to fit. Whilst this is not the case for some brands, DeckWright is remarkably easy to install. Whether you are doing the work yourself, or hiring the services of a specialist company, DeckWright will not make the job harder or longer.

You can cut DeckWright with standard tools on site – all we’d helpfully suggest is that you cut the boards upside down (non slip edge last). Remember to treat any cut edges with a wood preserver to maximise the life of your decking. No special fixings are required for DeckWright non slip boards and installing them takes no longer than using standard deck boards.

Enjoy non slip decking boards for their lifetime

Designed to last for the service life of the timber, DeckWright Anti-Slip is fully tested and approved, achieving a PTV of 71 and being determined “highly anti-slip”. The brand has also been audited and accredited by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association’s DeckMark Plus scheme. This recognises the product for its quality and longevity.

So it’s simple really, if you want to enjoy your timber decking and outdoor area all year round, whatever the weather, starting with non slip decking boards will ensure just this. Additionally, you gain ample peace of mind that everyone using the decking does so with a much safer grip – always.