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Non slip decking: who should use it?

By February 26, 2016 April 24th, 2019 No Comments

As our weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, demand for non-slip decking is increasing and the potential applications are very wide and varied – whether in a domestic or commercial situation.

How big is the risk?

Put very simply, to slip up on decking takes just a single step. It might be one step out of the back door or one step across a restaurant decking area or a public walkway. The risk exists, whether the decking area is small or much larger. Don’t make the assumption that non slip decking is only suitable for particular locations.

Whilst you might experience no concerns on dry, sunny days, if you have to walk over the timber decking on damp, icy or even snowy days (and the rain graces us Brits throughout the year), you and anyone else that does so is at risk of slipping.

This is in fact, a very big risk.

So you slip. Perhaps you or a customer grazes their knee, or twists their ankle, or worse – breaks their wrist or bangs their head…non slip decking exists to reduce the risk. So decide here and now to get a grip on your timber decking.

How non slip decking helps

Non slip decking consistently provides a surface grip on the area that it is applied to. It’s subtle in its appearance (unlike solutions like chicken wire) and it does not have to be constantly reapplied (unlike many anti-slip paints and non-slip oils).

Making good use of the grooves in timber deck boards, non slip decking boasts a specially formulated resin and aggregate mixture – usually present in two of the grooves and sitting slightly proud of the timber. This enables people to walk safely over the decking, always retaining part of the non-slip property (the grip) under their foot.

Watch our video to highlight the benefit of non slip decking

Ensure that you choose a fully tested and approved non slip decking board and ask your supplier about the credentials. For example, DeckWright Anti-Slip has a PTV score of 71, which rates this non-slip decking as “highly anti slip” and robust enough for large scale commercial projects. Furthermore, it has been accredited with DeckMark Plus, which is an accolade to demonstrate high quality and longevity.

So, do you need non-slip decking?

The short answer is probably “yes”. Slippery decking is an all-too-common hazard and one that should never be overlooked.

Here’s a selection of scenarios that would particularly benefit from non slip decking. In reality, the list could be far longer:

  • Residential projects – steps, walkways and larger areas
  • Schools and children’s play areas
  • Holiday parks – decking around timber lodges and caravans
  • Restaurants, coffee shops and cafes
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Leisure and tourist attractions
  • Office facilities and work areas
  • Care homes and nursing homes for the elderly
  • Balconies and other specific areas in residential developments
  • Decking areas close to water with the risk of splashing and wetting

View our case studies for examples of projects completed with DeckWright.

If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements for non slip decking, we’d be very happy to help. DeckWright offers formats for brand new decking in addition to timber decking that is already laid. There is no longer any need to live with the risk of slippery decking.