Deck Board Walkways at Holiday Flats

Having had the deck boards on the walkways of these 24 Pembrokeshire holiday flats replaced a few years ago, John Vickery, who owns two of the flats himself, was keen to make them safer when it was wet or, given that they overlook the sea, when the mist rolled in. Spotting DeckWright Inserts in-store, John quickly realised that this was an ideal solution for their already laid decking.

Key results

  • Easy to fit on laid decking boards
  • Cut to size and no wastage
  • More effective than other anti-slip decking products

John Vickery comments:

“I had already tried a number of so-called anti-slip decking solutions on my walkways, but none had done the trick – residents were still finding the timber deck boards very slippery and one particular person who relied on crutches felt confined to the flat on wet days. The walkways sit in an elevated position, which only made the situation worse, should a fall occur.

I only became aware of DeckWright Inserts earlier this year and I contacted WJ Group who were able to tell me more about it and send some free samples to try on my decking boards. I’d seen timber decking with strips in at seaside resorts and marinas, so I thought it was worth a try. The samples fitted nicely into the grooves as anticipated and so I measured up, prior to stocking up on DeckWright.

There are four timber deck walkways at the flats – two are 7.4 metres long and the other two are 14.8 metres long. Understanding the need to ensure that an average shoe would always gain grip from an Insert, my deck board profile required just one strip per board, given the straight line that people would always walk in. I also worked out that I didn’t need to install the Inserts across the full width of the walkway – just two thirds of a metre would do. And so I easily cut each one metre DeckWright Insert into 66.5cm strips and 33.5cm strips, meaning that nothing at all was wasted.

It was relatively easy to install DeckWright Inserts, even at 71 years of age! Though my knees were put through their paces. Initially, I was not using sufficient adhesive – each tube can do up to 30 metres – but I soon reassessed this and was less frugal”.

"Personally, I’m delighted with the end result and many residents have already commented positively to me. Given that these anti-slip inserts should last for many years, I do think that it is a good value option – and one that actually works. Dividing the cost between the 24 flats makes it even more agreeable on the wallet. The timber deck boards still look good and I would certainly recommend DeckWright Inserts to others looking to reduce the risk of slippery decking."