DeckWright Inserts for Residential Use

Tony Platts had an all too common problem, unsatisfactory timber decking in his garden that was slippery when wet and causing concern to his family who’d already suffered a number of trips. He’d heard about DeckWright Anti-Slip and got in touch with WJ to find out more. The project was a modest raised timber decking area with steps to one side. WJ helped to supply Tony with the quantity of DeckWright Inserts required to complete the job having advised him on how to measure up the area.

“DeckWright Inserts were really easy and straight forward to use. They cut to length easily and fitted into the grooves. We’d had several slips on my decking recently so I really wanted to comprehensively improve the surface so that it was safer for everyone.To say that we are delighted with the result is an understatement. Friends have commented on how good the finish is and we feel much more secure walking on it in all conditions now. We’ve had a couple of downpours since it was laid and felt very safe walking on the new anti-slip decking surface. We’d certainly recommend DeckWright Inserts to others. They offer value for money and the result is a top quality finish that is robust and secure”.