Guildford Ski Slope

A ski centre might not be the most likely place to find anti-slip decking, but this is just where DeckWright Inserts have made a real difference to the safety of those not embracing the slope itself.

James Harrison runs Guildford Ski Slope at Christ’s College, teaching students at the school in addition to the general public; from five years upwards. Along with those taking lessons come many parents and friends eager to watch the action and so James created a viewing area along the side of the building, at the bottom of the slope.

A slip prompted the need for grip

Whilst part of the viewing area has been surfaced in timber decking for some time, James wanted to extend this to offer more space. Having experienced a parent slip on the decking when it was wet (James pointed out that this was the worst fall at the centre that year, with no skis or snowboard attached!) he knew that finding an anti-slip solution was important. It was only a matter of time before something more serious happened.

Being an outdoor ski centre, the key business is across the winter months, making the need for decking with a grip all the more important.

James takes up the story:

“I’d looked at a number of anti-slip ideas online before I came across DeckWright Inserts. I liked the look of them as aesthetically, they would work and they also appeared easy to fit myself.

Speaking directly with WJ Group, I understood that they could supply me with various colours of inserts in addition to the standard granite colour. So I chose bright red – my favourite colour but also good to highlight the safety feature on the decking.

Given the dimensions of my decking, the supplied one metre strips covered the area that people walked on. I decided to fit two inserts into one board and then one in the next board. This 2-1-2-1 pattern provided sufficient foot-grip for the area concerned and gave me a cost saving too.

I carried out the work myself and found it very straight forward. Cutting them when necessary was easy and they were very flexible, making them easy to handle. They fitted into the grooves well and the supplied adhesive did the job.”

"I’m really happy with how my red DeckWright Inserts look and they went down really well. That was two months ago and my busy season is just starting, so it is too early to comment on their durability, though I understand that they should be long-lasting.

I’d definitely recommend DeckWright Inserts to others looking to add grip to timber decking and I’m now looking forward to a much safer season as the colder weather looms, both on and off the slope."