Kyme Real Estate

Kyme Real Estate is a residential property development company in Leeds, Yorkshire and Director, Nick Wright knows the risk of slippery decking all too well. A couple of years ago, his Mum slipped on “untreated” decking and badly damaged her wrist in the process. He therefore didn’t want to take any chances with his customers and intended to use some form of anti-slip decking when necessary. A recent project required the creation of an outside garden area that would be family friendly and Nick looked into using timber decking that had been enhanced with DeckWright Anti-Slip.

Here is what Nick had to say:

“We wanted to create a modest decking area in a small garden area and chose to use new decking that had been enhanced with DeckWright Anti-Slip. Given that this was a family house, we felt that it would be a positive selling point to our target audience, who were likely to have young children that would enjoy playing in the garden. Safety is always a key consideration when developing properties.

Whilst we did consider other alternatives of anti-slip decking, DeckWright was ticking all of the boxes and it didn’t let us down. The manufacturers claim that it can be easily cut on-site using standard tools and this is most definitely correct; ideally sawing from the bottom of the board upwards. We installed the decking ourselves and it took no longer to undertake than standard “untreated” decking would have done. Time is money with projects like this, so for me, that’s a great benefit.”

"We shall definitely be choosing DeckWright again in future development projects. It’s a highly effective anti-slip decking solution that is not only value for money, but it also looks great too."