Merchant Insight – Bond Timber

With the spring season fast approaching, many trade and retail customers will be contemplating how to better anti-slip their timber decking – especially after such extreme winter downpours and such weather becoming more common. Rain and timber decking don’t mix well without due consideration.

Priding themselves in offering a very wide range of products, independent South-West based merchant, Bond Timber took delivery of a DeckWright Inserts merchandising stand in November with the intention of building awareness of the product, ahead of the spring decking season.

General Manager, Shaun Getson talked to us about his thoughts on DeckWright Inserts and his ability to effectively merchandise the innovative product in his store, having installed an internal display stand:

“From a merchant’s point of view, this merchandising stand doesn’t take up much retail space and fits in well with our decking range – one of our most popular products. From a customer point of view, the video proves very useful in gaining an immediate understanding of the product, which is easy to pick up, take home and install.

We initially placed the DeckWright Inserts stand firmly in the centre of the shop where much passing trade travelled through to the back of the store. However, moving it to sit next to the retail counter made a big difference; perhaps allowing customers more time to see it and watch the one minute video”.

Man next to a WJ Decking Insert Stand

"The stand has so far been in the store over the winter – a very quiet time of year. However, we’ve still sold many packs during this time, with the display stand clearly contributing to this. I’m anticipating busy spring sales for DeckWright Inserts – a time when we see large amounts of decking sold. Stands like this are very important to Bond Timber and they invariably boost sales, compared to simply sitting such items on the shelf with little explanation, whilst innovative products like DeckWright Inserts help to create a unique selling point for our business."