Monkey Haven

A safe place for animals and visitors

Monkey Haven is an award-winning animal sanctuary based on the Isle of Wight. It’s a happy home for rescued animals, from gibbons to owls, meerkats and many more exotic creatures.

The centre has a large area of decking surrounding a café and children’s play area. Over the years, algae built up and made the surface slippery and dangerous for visitors. The team would frequently have to jet wash the decking, put up warning signs, lay rubber mats and even cordon off some areas.

The company had initially hoped to replace the whole decking area, but after seeing how much it could cost, they gave DeckWright anti-slip inserts a try. One year on, we caught up with Marketing Manager (and daughter of the Monkey Haven founder) Kelly to find out how they’ve got on.

"They actually work! They were easy and quick to fit, and they’ve given us peace of mind knowing that our visitors can walk around our facilities safely. Gone are the days of laying down anti-slip rubber mats and popping out the ‘slippery when wet’ signs and they’ve smartened up the decking area too. We would highly recommend this product!"

Kelly WickesMonkey Haven Marketing Manager

You can find more information about the inserts here, or see options to purchase your own here.