DeckWright adhesive for anti-slip decking insertsDeckWright adhesive for anti-slip decking inserts

DeckWright Adhesive Tube – fits 25 metres of inserts



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Product Info

1 x 290ml tube of DeckWright Adhesive

If you are buying a bulk box of DeckWright Inserts, you will need to purchase the correct number of tubes of DeckWright Adhesive to fit the anti-slip decking inserts to your timber deck. We would advise you to use one tube of our specially formulated adhesive for every 25 metres of inserts fitted.

Specially formulated to accompany DeckWright Inserts

DeckWright Adhesive is a water based product, designed specifically to adhere our inserts to a timber deck. Using this adhesive, your decking needs to be touch dry, but not necessarily bone dry, as any moisture in the timber will work with the adhesive. The result will be robust, effective and long-lasting.

How to apply

To apply a 3mm bead of DeckWright Adhesive into the groove on the deck board, you will require a standard caulking gun, which can be purchased from any good DIY store or builders merchant. Using DeckWright Adhesive to fit DeckWright Inserts will ensure that you get the result you want – a more secure, non-slip decking surface that looks good and stands the test of time.

Please be aware that the DeckWright adhesive needs to be used within 18 months of the manufacture date stated on each cartridge.

Customer Reviews

  1. Taylor

    “It’s quite a thick adhesive but does do the job well. Mine has been down for six months now and it still looks good and holds firm.”

  2. John

    “You’ll need a caulk gun to use this glue. Buy a decent one if you have lots to stick or your arms will get sore!”

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