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Spring clean your garden

By March 20, 2019 June 14th, 2019 No Comments

The first day of spring is finally here! We’re just weeks away from warmer weather, hailing the return of family BBQs, children’s fun days and late-night drinks in the garden.

But the wrath of this winter’s weather means you’ll need some serious prep to bring your garden back to life. Here’s our top tips to prepare your garden for the spring season:

Get your decking in tip-top shape

Persistent wind and rain can cause dirt and grime to build up on your decking area, which can result in slips and trips that could easily be avoided. Gently remove the muck with a low-level pressure washer and bring decking back to life.

DeckWright Inserts offer a robust anti-slip decking solution, even when deck boards are wet. Fixing into the grooves of your decking with a specially formulated adhesive, it provides a reassuring grip that reduces the chance of falls.

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Refresh your lawn

What was once fresh, green grass can lose its lustre over winter, undoing all of the hard work you put in last summer. The first days of spring are the ideal time to start prepping your grass, sowing seeds in areas that are lacking, ready for fun garden get-togethers. Continue to water these until your grass is back in top condition and ready for mowing. Nutrients will help to maintain during the warmer months.

Clean your gutters

Leaves and debris can block your gutters in the winter months, which can cause many problems, including leakages!

Cleaning your gutters is simple, all you need is a ladder and some gloves for removing anything you find in there. A hosepipe is also good for helping remove any additional materials.

Quick tip: Stay ahead of the game by doing this before a storm is forecast.

Update your seating area

The upcycling trend isn’t going anywhere soon, so why not get involved and create your own, bespoke garden furniture?

Wood pallets are great for homemade seating areas – just head to YouTube for a treasure chest of tutorials on how to do it. Tables are also easily made and give that rustic feel to your garden, as well as spaces to keep planters and herbs in pride of place.

Create bespoke, multi-purpose flower beds

Flower beds don’t have to just be an aesthetic feature in your garden, they can be used to grow your own herbs for cooking, or garnishes for summer cocktails. Visit your local garden centre to pick these up – basil, mint and rosemary work particularly well.

Mix these with night-scented plants, which really come into their own in the evening and are perfect for evenings with friends in the garden. Sweet rocket, petunias, star jasmine and wisterias are all flowers that are more fragrant in the evening.

Dried petals are also always good for potpourri, or even for use in beauty products for any creative personalities.

We’d love to see how your gardens come along this Spring – tweet your photos to @WJTimber.