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Why DeckWright Inserts perform better than anti slip paint

By April 16, 2019 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

We compare the two and explain why anti-slip paint is not as good as DeckWright Inserts

It might seem like an odd comparison to some, but with DeckWright Inserts and anti slip paint claiming to achieve the same end result – reducing the risk of slippery decking – it’s a comparison well worth making, to ensure than an informed choice is made. And whilst we might well be a little biased, we do have the facts at our fingertips.

Some anti-slip paint thoughts

We all know how to use a paint brush and so the ease of applying an anti-slip paint is clear to see. Many well-known brands are represented in this arena and so it will appeal to many that are looking for an easy fix.

We’re not saying that anti-slip paint is ineffective, we just want you to consider if it is the best option for your timber decking conundrum. Should your decking not be used particularly regularly, applying an anti-slip paint might prove effective for some time. But if the surface is likely to entertain a fair amount of footfall, bear in mind the need for re-application as the paint deteriorates – sometimes flaking off in high use areas.

The impact of this re-application need is widespread, in terms of time, money and reassurance that your timber decking is a safe place to be in all weathers, all of the time. We’d estimate that most anti slip paint products would need to be reapplied on at least an annual basis, depending on usage levels and local environmental factors.

Another issue to consider with anti slip paint or oil is that they don’t like to sit on top of a different product. So if you are treating brand new decking, no problem. But if you have inherited some garden decking that you wish to anti slip in some way, you might find that anti slip paint is not effective if it has been previously oiled, stained or painted. To ignore this fact can result in a bit of a mess that means sanding everything down fully and trying again – a headache in summary!

And so to DeckWright Inserts

DeckWright Inserts don’t care if the timber decking is new or old and previously treated. Fitted once and designed to last for the lifetime of the decking, a unique T shaped insert is topped with a specially formulated resin and aggregate mixture that has been fully tested and approved for effectiveness. These clever inserts can be used for garden decking or much large commercial projects.

Unlike anti slip paint, DeckWright Inserts do not deteriorate in their grippiness over time, however many people walk over them. They stay as grippy as they are on day one and the inserts themselves are sold with a five year warranty (clearly, we cannot warranty your timber decking!)

You might think that applying anti slip paint is a doddle; so too is installing DeckWright Inserts. Sold with DeckWright Adhesive and full instructions, you can cut the one metre lengths with standard tools and install them swiftly and easily, whether on steps, walkways or much larger areas.

The verdict

Perhaps a little unsurprisingly, we would opt for DeckWright Inserts every time – but with very good reason and having assessed all the facts. And this has been the conclusion for our many customers and end users. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. Why choose an annual task with anti slip paint when you can install DeckWright Inserts and then enjoy more time relaxing on your timber decking, come rain or shine?

You’ll find plenty of information on our website – from videos to case studies and commonly asked questioned. If you cannot find that answer that you’re looking for, please do get in touch and we’d be happy to help you.

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