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This year we announced a partnership with innovative and environmentally friendly fire-retardant business BURNBLOCK.

A UK first in treating sawn timber, the new service offering has seen us invest in the latest high pressure treatment technology in order to provide the impregnation of the BURNBLOCK fire-retardant.  To accompany this, we have also invested in new kiln drying capacity to return timber to an appropriate or specified moisture content post treatment.

But what is it that makes BURNBLOCK industry leading? We’ve put together a list of just some of the reasons why BURNBLOCK is the best choice when it comes to fire-retardant treatments.

It’s the first environmentally-friendly fire treatment in the UK

BURNBLOCK is a 100% natural and non-toxic solution, causing no adverse effects to our environment. The water-based treatment is 100% biodegradable – with all components found in either fruits, vegetables or in nature in their elemental form.

This is a UK first for fire retardant, as many chemicals found in alternative FR treatments contain harmful and toxic chemicals which are currently under legislative review.

It’s fully certified

BURNBLOCK has been fully tested and certified to the highest European fire ratings by the most recognised institutes on the continent, including RI.SE (SP-Fire) in Sweden, MPA in Germany and BRE in Great Britain.

The treatment has also been independently tested in order to prove and substantiate its environmental credentials.

There’s no risk of staining or warping

Clear and invisible, BURNBLOCK treatment leaves no staining or grease on timber during the impregnation process – which takes place through the use of our own auto-clave. Experienced operators also ensure that there are no colour distortions or warping during the kiln drying process, which takes place on site. Kiln drying treated timber also reduces the risk of mould developing once applied on site.

It’s easy to dispose of

Compared to other fire-retardant treatments, timber treated with BURNBLOCK is considered as non-hazardous and can be disposed of in the same way as non-treated timber. This is because of its environmental properties, and can result in considerable cost savings when comparing disposal charges associated with other fire retardants.

Timber stays structurally strong

There is no negative effect on the strength of timber after applying BURNBLOCK. The treatment also doesn’t induce corrosion, meaning there is no requirement to use stainless steel screws or brackets, which can add considerable costs to your project.

It actually works!

BURNBLOCK treated timber is proved to effectively extend the length of time between ignition and flash point, giving more time for people to escape from a fire – in addition to limiting costs in relation to damage.

This is because BURNBLOCK effectively prevents oxygen – which is one of the three elements for ignition and continuance, from reaching the treated object. Don’t believe us? Watch BURNBLOCK in action!

BURNBLOCK is applied in a controlled factory environment, with all substantiating documentation, including fire classification reports, supplied with each treatment, providing our customers with the assurances they require.