What is in a kit?

A DeckWright insert kit contains 25 x 1 metre strips of inserts and 290ml of adhesive which is more than sufficient for 25 linear metres. A bulk box contains 10 x everything included in the standard 25 metre kit.

How many metres squared will one kit cover?

One DeckWright Kit will cover around 1 and ½ metres squared if two inserts are applied to the grooves in each deck board but this can depend on the width of each board. We would recommend using our DeckWright calculator to work out exactly what you need. Alternatively, you could decide to apply the inserts in higher risk areas, for example, walkways, steps and outside doors.

How do I fit DeckWright Inserts?

DeckWright Inserts can be fitted easily at home, without any specialist tools, easily cut to length and fitted with any standard caulking gun.  Your decking needs to be clean and free from excess dirt and water.

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How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver your DeckWright products as quickly as possible. Delivery should be no more than 3 working days from the day you place your order. However, if for some reason we expect the delivery to take longer than normal, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Can I test whether the inserts fit my decking grooves before buying?

We offer a free sample of our decking inserts to any customer interested in using them, and of course we don’t charge for these. To order a free sample, please click here.

Are different colours available?

Colour customisation is readily available on our website.  These colours are on stock at all times and can be purchased through our online store in 25 metre kits or in 250 metre bulk boxes. We can provide other colours on request, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for please get in touch to explore what options may be available to you.

Is there more than one profile to suit different deck board grooves?

DeckWright inserts come in two profiles; T and V.  The most common is the T shape that fits most timber decking profiles. For wider or more shallow grooves there is also the V shaped profile. We recommend ordering a free sample here before placing your DeckWright order to make sure you chose the right profile for your project.

What can I use to cut the inserts?

No special tools are required to cut the inserts; you can cut the inserts using standard tools such as a pair of pliers or a craft knife.

How long do the inserts last?

The longevity of the inserts depends on the area they are fitted and the footfall they are exposed to. Commercial areas are likely to last up to eight years, with domestic areas longer. All insert kits have a five-year guarantee.

Can I use DeckWright on composite decking?

DeckWright can be used on composite deck boards, however, it depends on the width and dimensions of the grooves. We supply sample inserts free of charge so you can see for yourself before making a commitment and check whether the inserts are right for your composite boards.

How many grooves do I need to put the inserts in?

We always recommend that you put your inserts in at least two grooves for the best results. This way it almost guarantees feet will place on at least one insert, whichever way the decking is stood on.

Can I stain my decking after putting DeckWright inserts down?

Yes, you can. DeckWright can be stained or painted without its anti-slip properties being affected. You can also power wash DeckWright inserts, as long as you keep the end of the hose around 15-30cm from the inserts themselves.

Can I power wash my decking after putting DeckWright inserts down?

Yes, you can but it is advised that you keep the end of the hose around 15-30cm from the deck boards and inserts to prevent avoidable wear or damage.

How long do I need to leave the inserts after application?

The curing rate of the DeckWright adhesive will depend on various factors such as weather. At 23°C the adhesive when laid in a 3-4mm bead will cure in approximately 24 hours. We would, therefore, recommend leaving the inserts for around two days before walking on them.

Are the inserts animal and pet safe?

DeckWright inserts cause no harm to pets or animals, however, we would recommend not letting pets onto decking until the adhesive has fully cured.