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WJ Group launches first environmentally-friendly fire treatment in UK

By February 14, 2019 October 29th, 2019 No Comments

We have announced a partnership with one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly fire-retardant businesses in the world, BURNBLOCK. We will work together with BURNBLOCK’S technical sales and the UK plywood and panel experts, Specialised Panel Products Ltd.

The new service offering, which is a UK first in treating sawn timbers, is leading the way in the industry as a 100% natural and non-toxic solution for timber fire protection. BURNBLOCK is also 100% biodegradable, with no adverse environmental effects. A water-based product, it is both reliable and safe and has been environmentally tested by independent third-party institutes.

To coincide with the new partnership, we have invested in the latest treatment technology, installing a new high-pressure facility that will be able to provide the impregnation of fire retardant timber, as well as a new timber kiln drying capacity at our treatment facility in Hull.

Mark Eggleston, managing director at WJ Timber Treatments, says: “We are looking forward to working with BURNBLOCK and Specialised Panel Products to provide our customers with one of the best and most environmentally friendly, fire retardant products in the market.  From the first meeting it was clear that we share the same values and vision for the future of fire-retardant timber materials, and we believe that our new partnerships will enable us to provide the sector with the best quality FR treated timber and plywood.

Hroar Bay Smidt, CEO at BURNBLOCK, says: “We have spent over a decade developing and improving our fire-retardant treatment and we currently hold a world patent for our solution. What we say is what we can document, that is our principle.

“We are continually investing with our customers, in testing and certifying products based on individual requirements, and we provide accurate documentation from independent third-party test institutes to support and verify all of our statements.  Our UK partnership with Specialised Panel Products, on the supply of BURNBLOCK treated plywood, has proven to be hugely successful.  We view the partnership with WJ as the next progressive step towards supplying the UK market with further BURNBLOCKtreated timber products.

“We are excited to be working with WJ on this venture.”

BURNBLOCK has been environmentally tested by independent third-party institutes, with all its fire testing being performed to the latest European standards by some of the most recognized institutes in Europe. These include RI.SE (SP-Fire) in Sweden, MPA in Germany and BRE in Great Britain.  All substantiating documentation is provided with each treatment in order to provide customers with the assurances they require.

BURNBLOCK fire-retardant timber will be available from WJ Timber treatments and its partner SPP from April 2019.