As part of its product range, WJ Timber Treatments provides an anti-slip decking service through its facilities in Hull and Rochester. It is a factory applied, machined process, which transforms timber deck boards into fully tested and safe non-slip surfaces. The specially formulated combination of resin and aggregate has been designed to work on all specifications of timber decking and is a robust solution to the hazards posed in slippery conditions.  The DeckWright anti-slip service can be fitted to a range of groove sizes and can withstand the heaviest of commercial use.

A benefit of using WJ Timber Treatments for the application of our non-slip formula is the fact that deck boards can be impregnated with preservative and fire retardant timber treatments after the appliance of the anti-slip process. (see preservatives) (see fire retardants) This allows our customers to minimise transportation costs when additional treatments are required.

Testing and Accreditation

WJ Timber Treatments anti-slip product has been independently tested and approved by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton, in accordance with British Standard BS7976: 2002.  The manufacturing process has also been independently QA audited and is compliant with ISO 9001:2016.

Pendulum Test Value (PTV)

Due to the products high slip resistance, a PTV score of 71 was awarded.  Any PTV score above 36 is considered to be of “low slip potential.”  The PTV test is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, the point at which most slips occur.  When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between them which subsequently causes someone to slip.

PTV score certification


The DeckWright anti-slip process can be applied to most species and specifications of timber. The DeckWright service allows customers to source their own timber decking products so we can then apply our specially formulated anti-slip decking solution in a factory-controlled process.

We offer a wide selection of aggregate colours and customers have the choice to fit one or two inserts per deck board, to suit both specific requirements and budget

deckwright insert colours
Cross section of decking using DeckWright non-slip inserts


Our DeckWright anti-slip decking service is suitable for grooved composite decking and improves the PTV rating of composite products when they become slippery when damp or dirty.  Adding an anti-slip property will ensure that it is much safer for those that use it, whatever the weather. Please contact us for more details on how we can anti-slip your composite decking.

composite decking beams