Timber Treatment – Coatings

Our production site in Hull is home to a vacuum coating line which provides our customers with the option to have their cladding, architraves and skirting boards coated to specification.  WJ Timber Treatments offer a wide range of wood finishes and protective coatings, suitable for both internal and external applications

The factory controlled vacuum coating process enables us to apply paint finishes, lacquer systems, staining and priming materials to timber in a speedily fashion.  The machine holds paint within a chamber and as the timber passes through, paint is applied to all four sides.  We are able to control the thickness of each required layer to ensure the timber is coated with the specified micron of paint.

Our coating systems add value to many construction designs by providing companies and timber merchants with the option to use decorative and protective coatings to extend the life and appearance of natural timber products.  Flexible in our approach, we can deliver factory controlled systems, in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit customer requirements.

As part of our service we are able to treat profiled timber with high and low pressure preservative and fire retardant timber treatments, before the application of our coating systems. This provides our customers with a fully integrated service and often reduces costs in relation to transportation, when moving products between companies supplying different services.

If you’d like to receive samples of our coated finishes, or would prefer to discuss your specific requirements in more detail, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.