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Wolmanit® CX-10 brown treatment

By August 18, 2015 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

At our timber treatment facility in Hull, we can offer you both Wolmanit® CX-10 brown treatment in addition to our standard green timber treatment. A number of customers have asked about the differences lately and so we thought that it might be useful to explain the treatment process fully.

The specification of treatment, whether green or brown, is in fact exactly the same for both Wolmanit® CX-10, the only difference being the presentation of the finished product.

Our brown timber treatment has a brown pigment dye added and some customers prefer to use this. Giving the timber a rich brown colour after treatment, it’s important to note that this might not be an even colour across the wood.

Sap and heartwood have different cell structures and this can cause the dye molecules to be absorbed at different rates. You could compare this to the absorption rates of sponge compared to concrete; it’s a very similar scenario. This can and does lead to a patchy appearance on the surface of the treated timber, especially at the boundaries of sapwood and heartwood.

Most evident immediately after treatment, the colour tends to become more uniform as the timber gradually dries out and is exposed to UV light. In fact with time, the timber might well revert back to the colour of the base treatment. This is perfectly normal and entirely due to the natural characteristics of timber.

We hope that you find this interesting and helpful. If you have any further queries about our timber treatment please do get in touch.