Lethamhill Golf Course and Golf It! Driving Range

Lethamhill Golf Course and ‘Golf It!’ centre in Glasgow, Scotland is another stunning showcase of external timber cladding on a new, purpose-built facility. 

This project uses Russwood's Thermopine® cladding to present a pleasing external aesthetic. Supplied by Russwood, a Scotland-based timber specialist, the cladding is used for all external walls of the Golf It! driving range, the learning centre and the early days nursery. 

The project had specified that the timber be fire treated to enhance safety of end-users of the centre. FireWright provided Russwood with the fire-retardant timber treatment for all the external timber cladding amounting to around 50 cubic metres total. Lethamhill was a multi-phase project; we received the material in three separate orders to help construction with a continuous, measured flow of material to site.

Russwood have provided cladding products to countless high-end, high-profile projects across the UK and their strict high standards set them apart from competitors. With these high standards, FireWright were trusted to handle and treat the large cubic meterage and provide a high level of care to the cladding boards when treating and re-packing. 

As standard FireWright offer full supporting documentation for suppliers, so they have peace of mind that the product they have been supplied back with is fully treated with traceability and everything needed to meet UKCA/CE standards. Our treatment is 100% natural and biodegradable and meets Euroclass B-s1,d0 standard. 

The ‘Golf It!’ centre is a community focused project that offers an experience for all level golfer, from professional to just starting out. The project has been hugely popular since opening its doors and remains a great gateway into the sport. 

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