Designed for roofs, floors and walls, I-Beams and I-Joists eliminate many of the problems faced with traditional timber joists. Their lightweight design offers an unbeatable level of versatility for design applications.

Working to your precise specifications, we manufacture specialist I-Beams by bonding veneer lumber flanges to high-quality oriented strand boards (OSBs) using a polyurethane resin. This unique and fully-bonded design means there are no requirements for staples or nails, and as all joints are water-resistant, the integrity of the finished build is fully protected.

Our I-Beams can be notched to suit any type of window or door pattern, making them a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for development projects, while our timber I-Joists offer the perfect combination of strength and stability of constructing caravans and mobile homes.


Value Engineered Timber

With extensive experience working with the UK’s leading caravan manufacturers, we’ll work with you to provide a solution that minimises squeaking and vibration during the design and construction phases of leisure homes, regardless of the model type you’re manufacturing.

image of i-beams

Quality Guaranteed

Installation and ventilation is one of our key focuses when we’re designing and engineering your I-Beams and I-Joists, something that has led to long-standing relationships with many of our customers as it allows them to provide cost-effective leisure homes to their customers without compromising on quality.


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