Full Timber Caravan Decking

We have developed a unique modular timber decking system for the caravan and leisure home industry that revolutionises the way decking surrounds are installed on parks throughout the UK and Europe. We’re timber engineering specialists and have years of experience supplying to the industry. Our modular decking system is highly customisable and is has different modules available to use.

Another benefit to our system is the durability and rigidity of the modules. Each module is assembled in-house and goes through a two-stage durability test before leaving the factory. This solid construction is just one of the ways we’re set apart from other decking providers on the market and will always be a core foundation of the product moving forward.

The advantage of using this decking system is its modular design, offering a variety of final product layouts and designs. This is a huge benefit to park owners and end users as different homes on parks are often very different when it comes to layouts, door locations and park home / caravan shapes.

Core Modules


Decking Podiums

Our main module is our decking podium. Available in a range of timber species, this module works as a basic stand alone deck or can be paired with other decking podiums to create a larger decked area. Constructed from use class 3 treated timber, all of the decking boards are treated with DeckWright anti-slip technology, offering year-round use, with minimal slip risk. Decking podiums are provided with either corner rails, straight rails or no railings.


Access Ramps & Steps

The access ramp module can be used on its own paired directly with a caravan, park home or lodge or paired with our decking podiums. The height of the ramp is designed to mount to the height of the decking podium. Commonly used by end users with varying levels of mobility or users with push prams and bikes, this module is a great access addition for families of all ages. This module’s usability is again, enhanced with the DeckWright anti-slip decking boards offering added grip.

Our step product range comes in two widths; our single step or double step. Each fit perfectly when paired with the decking module. Single steps can be mounted to either the short face or long face of the decking podium. Double width steps are for mounting to the long face of the decking.



To complete the decking areas, we also offer skirting for the whole surrounding of the park home or caravan. The skirts are also built as panels with brackets that allow to for secure storage underneath the unit.



Balustrades are a key aspect of our modular experience and are often packaged in with other modules as standard, however we do offer extra balustrades where needed. Common uses for extra balustrades are for creating enclosed hot tub areas within a decking area. As well as timber balustrades we offer glass balustrades for enhancing decking area views.


We have a highly skilled installation team that fit the decking on site quickly and efficiently. Installation times vary based on the model and size of the caravan or lodge. Each of the modules have threaded levelling inserts that allow our team to quickly level each of the modules. Where installation is concerned, we reccommend hard standing or gravel for decking installation.

We sometimes reccomend that we are allowed access to site to see the installation site beforehand allowing us to assess the area to mitigate any issues on installation days.

Anti-Slip Decking

All module frames are quick and pre-assembled and are treated to UC4 (Use Class 4) for resistance to weather and insects and ground contact. As well as the timber being treated, all of our core modules are constructed with DeckWright’s Anti-Slip decking boards, ensuring the modules are safe to use, year-round.


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