Our CNC machine brings the most intricate designs to life with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Specialising, but not limited to creating caravan and park home components, we transform ideas into reality and our engineering team design purpose built CNC routered timber components to help reduce costs for customers while maintaining structural integrity.


Value Engineered Timber

We specialise in creating value-engineered pieces for caravans and park homes, including roof trusses and other essential components. Our CNC router plays a pivotal role in fabricating these parts, ensuring durability, precision, and aesthetic appeal.


Tailored Engineering

Our team at WJ Components excels in creating detailed, specialist drawings tailored to your specific needs. These drawings serve as the blueprint for our CNC router, ensuring every cut is made with the highest precision. Whether it's a complex pattern or a unique design, our router executes each project with flawless accuracy.


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