Brent Scaffold Boards Ltd

Brent Scaffold Boards Ltd are a leading supplier of scaffold boards in the UK. They’re a well-established family-run business that has been a major supplier and manufacturer of timber scaffold boards and system battens to the scaffolding and construction industry since 1992. The company operate from a 10-acre site in Yorkshire with good links to the East Coast Ports and the Motorway networks.

As part of their timber scaffold board offering, they offer fire-retardant scaffold boards distributed to a network of customers with high safety requirements. FireWright were contacted to help Brent Scaffold Boards provide the treatment for their boards. FireWright’s natural, sustainable impregnation treatment aligned perfectly with Brent’s sustainability goals as a business. Timber scaffold boards are treated quickly due to them not having to go through FireWright’s kiln drying cycle and with Brents sending a large volume of boards through our treatment tank, we’re able to have their treated boards ready and back to them within days. This works well for Brents as they’re able to quickly supply boards to their customers.

The FireWright treatment impregnates the cell structure of the timber scaffold boards, ensuring the entirety of the board is treated. This is a huge benefit of timber impregnation over a standard coating application. Not only this, FireWright treatment ensures the boards meet Euroclass b,s-1,d0 specification. Brents employ only qualified and fully trained graders in the manufacturing process and these are regularly assessed by BSI quality assurance services. Significant investment has recently been introduced into their company, representing 100% commitment to the future success of Brent Scaffold Boards Ltd. They have recently had a second MPC Micromatic stress grading line installed, pushing their output of machine strength graded boards to an impressive 40,000 per week. Brent Scaffold Boards now operate 5 fully automatic end banding machines pushing production up to 45,000 banded boards per week.

The Brent Scaffold Board and FireWright partnership continues to grow from strength to strength and together we’re enhancing the safety of scaffold boards and the industry in general the more their boards enter circulation. We’re proud to have such a valued customer and are happy to be helping impact positive change in the industry.

FireWright’s treatment facility in Yorkshire is a high quality high-pressure impregnation treatment tank that offers fire retardant treatments for a range of timber species. Spruce scaffold boards are quick to treat and they can be to into our autoclave fully banded. Our treatment facility uses a BURNBLOCK powder which a non-toxic, biodegradable powder that is mixed into a liquid form and impregnated into the cell structure of the timber, preventing oxygen from reaching the treated object. This then helps to prevent the spread of flame due to the removal of a key element of fire.

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