Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn Foundation NHS Trust

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, included a new vaccination centre and nursery to their grounds opening on the 8th March 2023. The buildings are both modular systems supplied by FireWright customer, Kingston Modular Systems.

The buildings both specified thermo pine timber cladding on all elevations. Thermo pine is a thermally modified Scots Pine timber, using only heat and steam in the modification process. Using thermo-pine for external cladding is a great choice due to its exceptional durability (Class 2 - 3 BS EN 350-2). The thermally modified pine also benefits from high stability with a reduction in any swelling or shrinking thanks to the thermal modification process.

We were contacted by Kingston Modular Systems to provide fire retardant treatment for their thermo pine cladding. Treating around 6m3 total, FireWright enhanced the project's safety standards without compromising design through our natural, clear treatment solution impregnating the thermo pine cladding. Using timber cladding not only looks great but is a sustainable choice, using timber sourced from sustainable forests. Untreated thermo pine is rated Euroclass D however using our FireWright treatment, the Euroclass rating is increased to B with an s1 smoke rating and D0 for burning droplets.

With a lead time of just 4 weeks due to our large kilning capability, the thermo pine was treated and kiln dried to the customer’s specified moisture content, meeting construction
standards. The material went back to our customer’s site after treatment for them to install the timber cladding on the modular building prior to its delivery to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

FireWright are a leading UK fire retardant timber treatment provider offering a biodegradable treatment. We work with a range of businesses across the UK to help them offer fire retardant timber solutions. Our treated timber has been used in a range of projects and sectors all over the UK and this modular building is just another example of the varied businesses and sectors that are offering FR timber as part of their offering. Treating material for Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust is a prime example of how

FireWright’s treatment is trusted and used within the healthcare sector. These stunning units are now installed and have been in use since March 2023. The external aesthetic of the cladding is now a natural grey colour and the cladding meets Euroclass B s1,d0. The fire retardant properties of the timber cladding will last the lifetime of the cladding’s healthy life. We can treat a range of external and internal cladding species and profiles and work with the UK’s leading cladding suppliers.

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