Why Choose I-Beams For Your Caravan or Park Home Assembly?

Why Choose I-Beams For Your Caravan or Park Home Assembly?

We sat down with our Technical Manager, David Stewart to discuss all things I-beams and asked him some key questions that we get asked a lot by caravan and park home manufacturers. 

What is an I-Beam?

An IBEAM is a generic term for a BEAM which consist of an upper and lower flange joined by a web, forming the shape of an I. The material can be virtually anything and would still be classed under this term. At WJ, we manufacture I-beams using a variety of materials, such as, PSE, KVH and Glulaminated timber for the flanges and OSB for the web.

Where can I-Beams be used?

I-Beams can be used for any structural component in any framework. Caravans, lodges, park homes and domestic houses.

What is the advantage of I-Beams over solid timber?

Superior strength to weight ratio allowing for lighter structures to be made where a requirement for larger widths are needed. For example, thermal conductivity etc.

Are I-Beams as strong as solid timber?

When comparing relative space envelopes of sections, timber is stronger. However, this comes with the disadvantage of weight and cost. IBEAM’s are far more cost effective.

Why should I choose I-Beams for my caravan or park home assembly?

IBEAM’s are a cost effective alternative to solid timber when a requirement is needed for deeper walls, floors, roofs etc. We can design them to meet all strength requirements for the desired application. The reduction in weight allows the manufacture of larger sections without the need for additional lifting equipment. Therefore, a considerable weight saving on the overall structure.

Do I-Beams help with meeting the latest BS specification?

In this case, the ability to increase section sizes without increasing weight / cost allows more insulation to be added where required. This helps achieve the required ‘u’ values to meet the necessary standards.

Can WJ Components create custom I-Beam sizes?

WJ can make any size of IBEAM required. Section sizes can be up to 500mm or larger depending on the application and 13 meters in length.

Are all I-Beams straight?

WJ are working on curved IBEAM’s for projects where this is a desired feature. Decreasing costs when compared to the current laminated beam approach and lighter, whilst still maintaining extremely good strength properties.

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