FireWright Treated Timber At Great Yarmouth Market Place

The Great Yarmouth Indoor Marketplace is a vibrant hub for local vendors and artisans. This multi-million pound bustling marketplace required building materials that combined functionality, aesthetics, and safety. The project called for the use of Siberian larch timber for the facade and wood panelled ceiling and walls producing an impressive finish. 

To ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and preserve the visual appeal of the timber, the project's architects turned to WJ FireWright for their expertise, fast turnaround and certified, natural material fire retardant timber treatments.  All of the treated timber was handled at one of our treatment facilities in Yorkshire for our Scottish headquartered client, Russwood.

The Great Yarmouth Indoor Marketplace is a central gathering place for the local community, offering a wide range of goods and services. The project aimed to create a welcoming and attractive space while ensuring the safety of the visitors and vendors.

The stunning project was designed by Chaplin Farrant Architects, who have been established since 1938 and with 85 years in the business, have grown into one of the leading multi-disciplinary architectural practices. The project contractor, Pentaco Construction Ltd used supplier Russwood to provide the timber for this project. 

The selection of FireWright’s fire retardant timber treatment on their Siberian larch timber for both the facade and wood panelled ceiling and walls of the Great Yarmouth Indoor Marketplace was a great choice to meet stringent fire safety regulations while preserving the timber's natural beauty.

The application of our fire retardant treatment to the Siberian Larch timber played a pivotal role in the success of the Great Yarmouth Indoor Marketplace project, delivering the following benefits to end-users and contractors:

-	Enhanced Fire Safety: The treated timber met and exceeded fire safety regulations, ensuring the safety of all visitors and occupants of the marketplace.
-	Aesthetic Appeal: The timber's warm and inviting aesthetic was preserved, creating a visually appealing and welcoming space for vendors and visitors.
-	Sustainability: The project maintained its commitment to sustainability by using a fire retardant treatment that did not harm the environment.

WJ FireWright’s involvement in such a large project is testament to our expertise in fire retardant timber treatment. With a dedicated team, we’re able to offer bespoke solutions and advice for our clients as well as fast treatment times and a natural treatment solution. 

Our fire retardant treatment is non-toxic and highly effective fire retardant formula. The world-patented brand, BURNBLOCK® is a water-based treatment, composed of 100% natural ingredients. All of its components can be found in fruits and vegetables or in nature in their elemental form, the treatment is 100% biodegradable.

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