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Is composite decking anti-slip?

By September 21, 2016 July 10th, 2019 No Comments

A relatively new material, composite decking is gathering pace as an alternative to wood decking. Made from recycled plastic and recycled wood fibres, this type of decking is believed to be more durable than timber decking and is manufactured to look rather like wood. Generally more expensive than wood decking, it is also considered to offer a lower maintenance option. We’re not wishing to debate whether wood decking or “man-made” decking is the best option – we’re interested in the anti-slip properties of both.

The slip risk

One myth we would like to discuss is the issue of composite decking and whether it is anti-slip.

There is a wide variety of designs and profiles where composite decking is concerned and perhaps that is the subject of another blog. Suffice to say that some certainly offer more grip than others. But the fact remains that this man-made decking is still exposed to nature’s demands and the most annoying one is rain.

When composite decking becomes wet, its slip resistance is reduced; just like timber decking in fact. It can also develop areas of mould and the collection of grime and debris that can present an area of slippery decking. So whilst composite decking performs better than timber decking in a number of ways, it certainly cannot be called anti-slip.

DeckWright Anti-Slip and composite decking

The good news is that we have successfully anti-slipped many decking boards that were composite. We’ve undertaken a number of commercial contracts – for example a retirement apartment complex with composite decking balconies – and successfully reduced the risk of slipping…on composite decking!

Our anti-slip decking service can be applied in just the same way as timber decking, whilst DeckWright Inserts can be installed retrospectively on any type of decking that has already been laid.

If you want to reduce the risk of your decking becoming slippery when wet, whatever material it is made from, DeckWright can offer you added peace of mind that your deck can be enjoyed in all weathers and throughout the year. Please contact us if you would like to further discuss this issue.